Winter Birds

Seven Simple steps

1. Know their tastes

Winter birds such as cardinals, woodpeckers, finches, nuthatches, and blue jays all love particular seeds. These seeds would include black sunflower seed, thistle seeds, and safflower seed. You can find these seeds by the pound at most home and garden stores or retail stores. Not only are they tasty to the birds, but they are full of healthy oils that the birds need to survive the winter.

2. Hang your feeders
When you hang feeders, you discourage animals such as squirrels and raccoons from getting to them. This will help the birds feel safer as well, and allow them to approach the feeder easily. Try hanging feeders from hooks, branches, or other pole devices built for bird feeders.

3. Try some suet
Suet is a fatty substance sometimes sprinkled with seed that birds love. It gives them energy and helps them build fat, which they need to stay warm during the winter. Suet is inexpensive making it a great option if on a budget. Hang it from a tree for easy pickings, or, hang it from a feeder in a suet feeder.

4. Keep the feeders filled
It is important that the birds can count on the feeders. If they know your yard is a reliable source of food, they will continue to visit daily. This consistency is also the best way to build a yearly following.

5. Provide water
Water freezes easily in the winter, so birds can go thirsty quick. Provide fresh water as often as possible for your birds, either in bowls or a bird bath. You can also purchase devices, like aBirdbath De-Icer to keep bird baths from freezing, which may be something you wish to invest in.

6. Provide housing scraps
Toss some string, fabric scraps, hay, and other items that could be used for nesting around the food. Birds will love being able to take their pick of building materials! It will help them build warm homes right in the area.

7. Shelter is great
If you can, put up a simple bird house or two. It is a great way for birds to beat the rough elements that winter brings.

If you wish to attract birds this winter, give these tips for attracting winter birds a try. You are sure to see some great results!