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Winter is the best time to inspect trees for problems since there is no foliage in the way of your view. I would like to take a quick moment to talk about Black Knot. The fungus seen in the image.

Black Knot spreads best in warm wet conditions and is destroying our trees at an alarming rate. Pest problems come and go in cycles. We are definitely entering into a costly cycle with this one.

It is up to all of us to curb the problem. I strongly encourage you all to inspect your trees for Black Knot. If you spot this in your tree or tress don’t hesitate, send us an email for treatment solutions or stay tuned to our site for regular updates and tips. Detection is the first step and it can easily start with you.

How to detect
All trees in the Prunus genus are susceptible to this fungus. It is most prevalent in our Schubert chokecherries and Maydays. Which are popular residential trees. The fungus is a rough, black, warty swelling that slowly swallows smaller branches. Successful treatment relies on early detection so laced up, brave the cold and start a relationship with your trees before it takes a chunk out of your wallet.

This spreads aggressively from yard to yard, so don’t be the host be part of the solution.

For professional assistance don’t wait, call today, improve tomorrow.