Mother Nature’s Spring Special! $180 for Mow/Trim Power Rake,  Aeration & Fertilization of lawns under 3000 square feet! Only During May

       How Often? 

Generally speaking ( which as a professional I hate to do ) the average lawn only needs to be aerated every four years unless you’re a school sports field. However this all depends on a few factors. It is not uncommon for someone with heavy traffic who wants the best possible lawn to aerate every couple of years but this is generally not necessary. Some of these factors include.

  •  Amount of traffic
  •  Soil Composition
  •  Mowing Habits
  •  Type of yard equipment used
  •  Type of Traffic
  • Drainage issues


To prevent compacted soil which affects air circulation, water drainage, nutrient absorption and microbial activity. Correcting these problems will result in a healthier and more beautiful lawn that has a higher resistance to drought, disease and pests. Ignoring them may result in flooding or pooling, increased growth of mold, fungus, disease, and stunted or sloppy growth.


In our climate you can aerate from May- mid June and again between September and mid October depending on weather. You should never aerate during the summer months!

       Why the Yearly Pressure?

We can not speculate for sure why others try to pressure you into yearly aerating but we do believe lack of landscape related education and economic greed are major factors.

       What about Power Raking?

Power Raking by hand or by machine should be done on a yearly basis as soon as the weather permits. The benefits are relatively the same except for reducing compaction and increasing aeration.

Closing Statement

Hopefully this clears a few things up and prevents unnecessary spending.  If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment Mother Nature’s Contractor is at your service.